Start buildingyour business’ 
ICONIC BRANDsimply and soon.Click here.

Start buildingyour business’s
 ICONIC BRAND simply and soon.Click here.


Market your
small business
“Distinct by Instinct”

How your business is different is in your DNA, and is well-recognized by your best customers. We see it and show it so your best prospects take note. Your distinct character should show in:

1. A strong, steady brand that functions like a team emblem

Red Penguin Emblem

Let’s not overthink this.

(Picture a flag that folks rally to.)


2. Targeted markets. You appreciate them more. They appreciate you more.

People Like You

Your best customers love you. Are you showing your best prospects why?


3. Warm, friendly messages that hold interest all the way through

Prospects search for statements that assure them their search is over.

Make them positive.

Push and Pull

At A Red Penguin, we follow a message development process...

... that will help you say the right things to the right people in ways they won’t forget.

Plans Have Been Developed

Our founder, John Verba, developed the process...

... while he was creating ad campaigns and promotions for names like these.

Big Name Experience

And he simplified and streamlined the process...

... while working with smaller businesses that also shared that urge to succeed.

Small Business Knowledge

The result: You can now work with exceptional creative talents

who want to be known for creating growth, delivering worth and inspiring success.

Outstanding Talent

And they will follow the Red Penguin Process, step by step

to help you get and keep stand-out positioning in a typical "me-too" market.

Your Presence Matters

Let’s be frank: Most small ad, marketing and design firms will look at any other small business

and see “one of their own”: A common business with everyday goals.

One of the Crowd

So if you have bigger plans than that for your business

you’ll want to talk to a firm that can see you as different from the start.

A Stand-Out Option

(Meaning one that looks different, itself.)


Can you spend a little time examining your stand-out nature?

See How You're Seen

Let’s meet. We’ll come ready to help you see your offerings the way your current best customers see them... and introduce a process that can put you in their shoes.


Those customers see you standing out naturally in a colorless crowd.

You Stand Out

They see you that way for real and specific reasons. Reasons they value. So...


What will happen if your best prospects start seeing your business the very same way?

Bright and Bold

What if they start seeing the same bright, bold stand-out source of solutions that your best customers already see?


Does that seem like a possibility worth discussing?

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Let us know at 410-740-9381, or click to Email, or use our Contact Form. We’re looking forward to hearing about your business’ situation and aspirations.


We actually do this. We see your company at its natural best...

Show Your Strengths

... and we show your strengths to the prospects most likely to love them and come your way. And after that?


Even more prospects can take notice, and follow the crowd

Markets Get Momentum

Because people pay attention when a line is forming, right? Markets get momentum.


So let’s meet and take a look at your business at its best.

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When did you last stop to appreciate your team’s most obvious strengths? Let’s do that! Reach us at 410-740-9381, or click to Email, or use our Contact Form.


Your Red Penguin Personality is already strong and attractive...

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... to your core base of most satisfied customers. Let’s show all your prospects what those happy users know! Get in touch today!


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