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Lincoln NWE

One week’s news, consolidated,
leaves some hungry readers sated.
This said: Here! It’s reader-tested!
(And conveniently digested.)


Franklin e-edition

Some Times readers love tradition.
So they choose the e-Edition.
“Get your news,” this banner stresses,
“on your screen, hot off the presses.”


Washington Branding

Banner ads are good for fast clicks.
(Plus, a message that can last sticks.)
This linked folks to pages (landing)
while promoting stronger branding.


Washington Home Delivery

This said, “Hey you local readers,
get to know our vocal leaders
and their stands and their supporters,
through our pundits and reporters.”


AAIDD EM Eagle 1

Eagles scan, from high rock faces,
over vast and distant spaces.
This theme echoed that perspective.
Said, “We’re hunting; be selective.”


AAIDD EM Apple 2

“Gather us a choice selection,
we’ll give them a voice, direction,
training,” this said, “news and vision,
to bring promise to fruition.”


AAIDD EM Apple 3

Budding talent starts to blossom
when it finds conditions awesome.
This said, “Show us will to nourish,
and our field shall ever flourish.”


AAIDD Student

This said: Students, to keep moving
in your field, and keep improving,
form strong bonds with high achievers:
Those believed-in, and believers.


AAIDD Young Professional

This said: Leaders reach their station
formed by their association
with strong peers and expert mentors,
leaders, Fellows, and presenters.


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