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At Parkobility, we find parking spaces that are going unused and promote them to price-conscious parkers.

Presently, our main focus is on off-airport parking.

If you manage a hotel parking facility that runs shuttles to a nearby airport, we should talk. Because we can send long-term parkers your way.

Offering your unused spaces for off-airport parking can be a lucrative proposition.

Today, plenty of air travelers aren't satisfied with airport parking prices. When they go looking for more affordable parking options, your available unused parking should be easy to find. And extra-attractive.

Parkobility puts your parking in an enviable position…

… listing it on an online and off-line network of over 2,000 travel-related websites, agencies and affiliates. (It’s the largest of its kind in the world.)

Tens of thousands of smart shoppers and professional travel planners search this inventory every day. So once you’re on the network, you’ll be well-positioned to raise your parking income by thousands of dollars per month. Especially since…

Our Parking Specialists give you an extra-competitive advantage.

Sign on with Parkobility, and you’ll receive expert guidance—at no charge—with determining your prices and managing your off-airport inventory. The key to maximizing profits will be setting your discounts just deep enough to keep all your available spaces booked.

Our Parking Specialists will keep you learning more and more about maximizing profit in off-airport parking.

If you are a hotel executive with a parking garage, a front desk, a shuttle service to an airport, and extra parking you’d like to have filled more often, please…

Get in touch

Facts & Figures

Hotels in chains like Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Radisson, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts have been benefiting from working with Parkobility for over five years. Last year, our two top-performing off-airport clients averaged $21,750 and $18,500 a month, respectively, in added revenue.

These charts show you the potential new revenue at your hotel based on a national-average range of prices.

After the costs of network maintenance, marketing and search optimization, accounting and customer support are covered, 71.5% of the parking fee comes straight to your parking facility. (Parkers also pay a $5 processing and handling charge per reservation.)

The user-friendly interface of the our Parking Management System allows you to effortlessly manage your designated parking inventory.

You'll view and modify your available spaces in real time, instantly adjusting space availability in response to your changing hotel parking demand—and creating full blackouts, in one step, to accommodate special or unexpected events. (In such situations, all reservations which have already been made and paid for must be honored.)

The System generates a full range of reports to help you see where you stand and capitalize on your possibilities. And a Parkobility Parking Specialist will always be in easy reach, at no charge, to assist you in analyzing your results and identifying your optimal rates and approaches for success.

Your typical off-airport parking customers will travel alone and park for an average of seven days. Each will be looking for a reserved parking sport and a shuttle to and from an outbound airport.

Occasionally our customers also become hotel guests when they are facing early departure or late arrival times.

Each parker, when reserving a space online, will print out a voucher to be presented at your front desk upon arrival. The customer then parks, and rides to the airport on your regularly scheduled shuttle run.

Only rarely does off-airport parking add more than one person to any shuttle run, so there will be no need to alter your existing shuttle schedule.

Your online Parkobility account will provide you with a constantly updated listing of all your reservations.

Our Parking Pros here will be happy to set up a time to walk you through the simple process of working with Parkobility. You'll get a hands-on introduction to our online control panel, learn the basics of our operation, and get many helpful tips on setting prices and managing inventory.

(Unlike with room or restaurant income, which require significant overhead and upfront investment, revenues generated through Parkobility will go straight and fully to your bottom line.)

When you're ready to start earning, you'll simply sign our standard Parkobility agreement and let us know how many of your parking spaces you would like us to fill. We will have your parking on the network within three business days, and in the majority of cases, revenue will start coming in the day your listing appears.

All funds will be collected online. Each month, you will receive your share of the revenues, along with any relevant taxes, via ACH, plus a full report of the month's activity via email.

This is your opportunity to join the fast-growing network of hotels that are providing affordable off-airport parking to budget-conscious buyers across the country. With no added payroll expense or upfront cost to your hotel, you’ll find it’s effortless to join the network and begin to benefit from the extra cash flow—at your earliest convenience!


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