How Else Can We Ensure a Shining Future for Our Field?

Today marks one month since we turned to you for help in gathering a bounty of new members into AAIDD.

We hope you've talked with some promising colleagues about the many benefits of joining.

The Simple Fact is: Your Colleagues
will Never Join AAIDD...

...unless you, a more senior professional, invites them in. No direct membership appeal from AAIDD—in print, on the web, or in-person—has ever had the impact of a member like you when you recommend joining as a smart move for a committed professional.

Your influence is needed, now, to keep AAIDD strong.

It's Time to Share that Valuable Experience
with Your Junior Colleagues...

...and show them the promise on tomorrow's horizon. You have already received one notice of this crucial and ongoing effort to build our ranks. We hope you have already begun talking to prospective new members about the vital role that AAIDD plays in driving change and improvement.

If today's members can inspire emerging colleagues to value our earlier accomplishments, our proud legacy will endure and be enhanced by their elevated expectations and drive to achieve.

Such Key Recruiting Efforts Deserve Special Recognition

To express our appreciation of your—and all of our members’— recruiting efforts, AAIDD will present our three most successful recruiters with their choice of gifts:

One Full Year of AAIDD Membership at your current member level

One Full Registration to the AAIDD 2008 Annual Meeting

One Copy of Any Book You Wish from the AAIDD bookstore

It’s our way of honoring this association-wide effort and acknowledging all who contribute to it. So please, get started now in picking out the non-member colleagues you know who should belong to AAIDD, and encouraging them to join.

If you don’t do this, it won’t get done.

Recruiting is Easy, and Possibly Habit-Forming:

To Recruit New Prospects Directly—Guide them to [LINK] to fill out their membership application online or to [LINK] for a downloadable PDF to print out and complete.

The PDF can then be faxed back to 202-387-2193 or mailed to: [ADDRESS].

To Refer Prospective New Members to Us by Name—email their names and email addresses and/or phone numbers to [LINK]. We’ll let them know you have identified them as future leaders in the field and personally referred them for membership in AAIDD.

You will be notified of every referred prospect who joins our ranks.

Thank you so much for your vital contribution to maintaining the leadership legacy of AAIDD. Everything we do relies on proud members like you!

444 North Capitol St. NW
Suite 846, Washington, DC

Phone: 202-387-1968
Fax: 202-387-2193